How to Design an Awesome Facebook Business Page

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Someone said that if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist as a business. There were times when having a Facebook page wasn’t a necessity; it was more like trying something different. These days, considering the harsh competition on the market in practically every single industry, a savvy entrepreneur has to use all the marketing strategies possible.

Facebook has taken over a very large portion of the internet: it connects people, features the news, builds businesses, and more. It is a constant stream of information and real-time feedbacks that can enhance the blood flow of any business.

Building up your business Facebook page is something that should be taken lightly. Facebook may be free, easy to set up and flexible, but not making the most of a business page may not attract as much clients as planned.

Your Facebook Business Page – Step 1

Select a profile photo and a cover photo

setting up a facebook business page - step 1

Generally, when it comes to the profile photo, entrepreneurs choose the company’s logo or a symbolic elements that best describes the products or services they are making available to the market.

  • For an optimum fit, the image should be a square with a 200 pixels side.

The cover image is much more visible, so pay a bit of extra attention to the resolution. The cover image can feature a banner, images of the products with a matching background with the logo or generic staff images. Since the cover photo will draw the most of the attention at a first glance, make sure it’s professional and representative for the brand.

  • Don’t forget the psychological aspect of the profile photo/cover, such as the background color, distinctive elements etc.
  • The cover photo size should have 815 pixels long and 351 pixels height.

step 1-2 facebook business page setup tips

Inform Your Audience – Step 2

About page

your about page on facebook - setting up a facebook page

The About page should feature information related to the location of the company and its activity. You can add details about the functioning hours, contact information, website link or prices. Don’t leave aside any piece of crucial information. Clients need every bit of information in order to make an informed decision and proceed to purchasing products/services.

Add More Detail – Step 3


You can add sections to your Facebook business page by clicking on the “Add” button right next to the About page. You can add up to 10 sections of the page, such as Events, Photos or Notes. Prioritize the arrangement of the sections according to the specific of the company or according to the clients’ interest. For example, if you are a photograph, it’s obvious that the Photos section will be given priority in the arrangement of the sections.

Drive Engagement – Step 4

Call to action

Create an online pool or add a direct link to the company’s website. Hopefully, prospect clients will find what they are looking for.

Get To Know Your Page’s Timeline – Step 5


The Timeline is where things happen. Add useful information, interesting, even funny, in order to attract as many likes and opinions as you can. Don’t post too much, don’t repeat the message or get too boring – people are already overwhelmed by online/Facebook posts. Keep it short, sweet, original and make it count!

Engage With Your Audience – Step 6


If you want to keep people engaged and interested, add some Polls or questions. Clients like to express their opinion and win discounts or freebies.

Communication is Key – Step 7


Keeping in touch with the clients is essential in any business, even a Facebook based business. Don’t think of messenger any differently than you would email. It is another perfectly good channel to communicate with customers. However the need to be overly formal on social media isn’t necessary.

Measure Your Impact On Facebook – Step 9


Fortunately, Facebook has started to be well adapted to the needs of businesses across the globe. Make use of the data and statistics provided by Facebook to clearly assess the results and to develop a new strategy. By checking the Statistics page and the increase/decrease of the number of likes, you can modify your approach to improve your business Facebook page.

Measure your impact on facebook - how to use facebook insights

The Marketing Mix – Step 10

Creating a business page on Facebook is just part of a solid marketing strategy, for some the most important, for others a complementary action. Ensure your email marketing, and all other online customer acquisition efforts are mirrored on facebook for the greatest overall impact. Regardless of the agenda, remember that prospective and current clients are the blood flow of your business. Treat them right, keep them informed and show them how valuable are your products/services when it comes to improving their lifestyle.