How to Make the Most of Your Facebook Advertising

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Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Facebook Ads

It seems like online marketing has taken by storm traditional marketing methods. Along with the technology boom, comfort and access to unlimited opportunities, offers and services, prospect customers have started to prefer the online medium for their shopping needs. Online marketing has evolved tremendously in the past years, and although some of the younger target markets are passing up Facebook for other mediums such as Snapchat or Instagram, Facebook still dominates the market.

  • Did you know that Facebook owns up to 79% of all social logins, with 1.09 billion people logging daily? Talking about mass advertising of your Irish business!
  • Price generally depends on the reach and engagement level the ads receive.

Facebook ads provide full insight about your current and prospect clientele. In addition, you can obtain information that you can use to improve ad targeting for maximum advertising experience.

Taking full advantage of Facebook ads requires you to do a bit a brainstorming and analyze the needs of your Irish venture. Here is a brief mind-map of what to consider before paying Facebook ads.

Set your objectives before investing in Facebook ads. Everything you engage with costs money, so be clear about your objectives. Some of the objectives might involve gathering more video likes, increase awareness, obtain conversions etc. Objectives need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Identify your target audience, since Facebook hosts millions of users across the globe. Take time, analyze your business and narrow the audience in order to make sure the ad will appear on the wall of people that are truly interested in what you are selling.

Change ads regularly: users get bored fast, so they will not click on your ads if they get annoying. Moreover, when the clickthrough rate decreases, Facebook will also penalize you by raising the cost per click (meaning you will have to pay more for gathering likes, comments, clicks).

Using Facebook ads may seem something for the tech-wise, but in fact, with a little research and a clear vision of your business, the results can be amazing. Ok, so how do you set everything up? Follow our steps; add a little bit of this, a little bit of that and voila! Facebook ads will start producing clients, consequently profits for your Irish business.

  1. Create a Facebook business page (we have already covered this step).
  2. Set your goals related to Facebook ads in order to be able to choose the right type of ad for your campaign.
  3. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and choose an objective for your ad.Facebook Advertising - How To Use Facebook Advertising Features & Targeting - Ireland
  4. Select your target audience and budget you can invest in the ad. Remember to customize as much as you can the target audience.

Facebook Advertising - How To Use Facebook Advertising Features - Ireland

Basically, the budget will be spent on clicks or impressions. For example, if you choose an ad for gathering Page likes, whenever your ad will be displayed on the page of interested users, you will be charged.

  1. Customize your Facebook ad by selecting the right images, text and placement. The headline text should not exceed 25 characters and you can add up to five images. Ads can be displayed in the News Feed, mobile News Feed, audience network or right column.
  2. Place the order, sit back and let Facebook ads do the work for you.
  3. Finally, for keeping track of your actions, a Facebook ads report would be more than welcomed. General metrics will indicate the status of your marketing campaign for the last 30 days.

Learning the mechanisms of social networks marketing can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if you think about how frequent they add, remove and change features/options. Facebook advertising as a marketing channel, enables Irish businesses to promote custom ads or content that targets a certain audience for various prices.