Facebook Demographics Made Easy for Small Irish Business Owners

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As a business owner, sometimes it is difficult to understand the need to be present on social media. After all, what’s business got to do with socializing? Well, it has plenty to do with it. No one would open an Irish business without knowing its prospect customers. The same thing happens when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. The more you know about the Facebook community you are targeting, the easier it is to create and post content that they are interested in. Learning about Facebook demographics is like shooting real bullets on a well-defined target, of course.

While some statistics indicate that younger demographics are slowly migrating towards Instagram or Twitter, the truth is Facebook remains the best social network to use for freely advertising any type of Irish company. The number of Facebook users increases by 16% each year, with a 21% increase on the mobile version of the popular social network. Learning more about Facebook demographics will definitely help you meet the demands of the prospect customers so you can custom the content strategy on the platform accordingly.

Why is important to learn more about Facebook demographics?

  • Obtain the information related to what type of content is seen by your audience as valuable.
  • Get to know your audience and their preferences in order to establish meaningful, lasting relationships.
  • Manage to target a qualified audience and prospect customers that matter the most to your business.

As an Irish entrepreneur who wants to advertise on social networks it is essential to know your target market. Being aware of the behaviour of Irish consumers on social media is actually paramount for any business that deals with customers. The best way to do this is to analyze recent statistics and the evolution of the Irish demographics in the online medium.


Therefore, if you are one of the 30% of Irish entrepreneurs who don’t have a Facebook business page, you should rapidly reconsider what you are missing. Facebook freely provides one of the most readily available, varied and accessible audiences in Ireland.

Statistics indicate that in Ireland there are over 3.5 million internet users, with one of the highest rate in Europe when it comes to accessing the internet from the mobile devices. For example, mobile devices are used by over 78% of Irish internet users, while globally, the average is 69%.

At the beginning of 2014, statistics indicate that the most popular social media network in Ireland is Facebook (54% already have an account), followed by Twitter (16%), LinkedIn with 13% and Google+ with the same percentage.

In order to find out more about your target Irish demographics, you can use any of the following tools:

  • Facebook Audience Insights (will provide you with data such as demographic information, lifestyle and interests, purchasing preferences, online buying behaviour);
  • Hootsuite Analytics (information related to your audience’s level of engagement with your content).

Always keep up to date with Irish Facebook demographics, statistics and whatever data may be relevant to your field of activity. Using this information to freshen up the Facebook marketing campaign.