How AI is changing Facebook Marketing

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Artificial intelligence is already reshaping all areas of businesses, so there is no doubt that marketing will not be taken as well. There are a lot of benefits and challenges that are coming with the new AI revolution. In this digital transformation are we will discuss how AI will have an impact on Facebook marketing.

Facial recognition

According to Jeff Bullas, face recognition can be used in ensuring closer relationships between brands and customers. Every day, Facebook users are posting 350 million photos where recognition technology is already working. Businesses can benefit from this emerging technology and create campaigns to ensure customers’ recognition of their faces with the business. It will be a high level of engagement for users and companies can gain huge brand awareness.  

Facebook personalisation

Artificial technology provides a huge amount of data that have to be analysed. Even marketers are busy during their workday, analysing this data can be crucial for the personalised Facebook solution. Today, customers have high expectations and brands are straggling with fulfilling them. Forbes states, Facebook is a great platform to gain a wide range of customers insights and if marketers analysed them carefully they can target a right audience, in the right moment and ensure significant good results. 

Automated messages

Chatbots have already appeared on webpages, in apps, on social media. Facebook Messenger bot is in use and it has shown great results. However,  AI will bring even more in the future. Hootsuite highlights positive effects on reaching customers directly with huge time savings, re-engaging customers and handling e-commerce transactions.

AI will make Marketers life easier

Whenever we are talking about AI, in most of the cases it has a challenging connotation. New technologies are bringing with themselves new knowledge and that means that people have to take some time and learn about it. Even though that is a case with AI, this technology will be significantly helpful in time-consuming management and non-waisting a budget for consumers who are not interested in our products or services (Marketingaiinstitute, 2019).

Different opportunities of Facebook influenced by AI