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Advertising Your Facebook Page

Facebook wants to encourage Facebook Business users to invest money on Facebook advertising. Creating Facebook Ads requires some initial steps to create a qualitative basis for the future. After Login to Facebook Ads Manager, it is essential to Setup Facebook Pixel to be able to follow some statistics about your Facebook campaigns like the audience, conversions or remarketing. The Facebook Pixel is especially important for Facebook Remarketing that allows your Ads to be displayed to all users who have visited your website before. Web stores often use this type of Ad to remind users of products left in the cart. Facebook pixel is very easy to install if you have WordPress. Then we should move further and start with our campaign.

How to create Facebook Ads

The creation of Facebook Ads is going through 3 steps:

Step 1: A campaign where we have to name it and choose our Objective.

Facebook Advertising

Different kinds of campaigns will require choosing a different objective.

Step 2: is the next level of Ads creation, more popular as an Ad Set which considers targeting the right audience, placements, and Ad budgeting. 

When it comes to the right audience we should be aware of Custom and Lookalike audience.

Custom Audience gives an opportunity to be able to display Ads exactly to those who are interested in your product or service. This is a very powerful advertising tool for anyone building their databases and storing emails, customer phone numbers, or leads. As an advertiser, Facebook offers you the ability to display Ads to all persons who are in your database and are registered on Facebook with an e-mail address or telephone number that is in your database. With the help of the Custom Audience audience, you will reduce the cost of advertising and show your Ad only to those who are interested. It is very important in any case to comply with the rules of personal data protection prescribed by the GDPR.

Lookalike audience – another powerful addition to the Custom Audience. When creating a Lookalike audience, Facebook will find users with similar characteristics that our Custom Audience audience has. Facebook can expand its audience with the help of the Lookalike audience. Examples from which the audience can expand are email lists, website visitors, Facebook users who engage in posts on your site. Make sure you use this audience when you want to increase engagement with your posts.

Creating Facebook Ads, Ad Set part - Audience

Here in Ad Set, we have the most common question which is: 

How much should I spend on Facebook Ads

When we are talking about budget, there are various factors that influence this decision. However, we can not expect huge results from no investments. The best solution is to start with a small amount of daily budget (for example 10 euros), try to optimize a campaign the best we can, and monitor the learning process. After the first week, we can see some results and analyze what we can improve in that campaign. Often we didn’t target the right audience or location, or we could find more suitable interests that define our potential customer more correctly. 

Besides that, the budget can be daily or for the entire duration of the Ad. If you choose a budget for the entire duration of your Ad, you’ll be able to choose what time you want your Ad to run. This is very useful if you have a specific industry so Ads are displayed to the potential customers at the right time when they are interested in your products the most (in the morning before brunch at work or in the evening).

Also, the choice of platforms to advertise on depends on the type of Ad you create, so if you want to increase the number of queries related to a product or service, you can use Messenger as your advertising platform. With Facebook advertising, it is very important to test the ad positions, see which position has the best results, and then invest the budget in the Ad that showed the best result. After selecting a platform, you’ll choose which devices you want your ads to appear on. For example, if you’re developing Android apps, you’ll only show your Ads on Android devices, and if you’re selling Apple equipment, you’ll choose to show ads only apple devices.

Step 3: is the final touch called Ad segment, where we need to include all our creativity, experience, and analytical skills. Creating text and visuals for ads is a complex process that consists of brainstorming, text design, testing, and proofreading. When it comes to the success of Ads, one of the barriers is to have attractive images or videos that will attract the attention of a carefully targeted audience.

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