How To Use Irish Facebook Groups to Increase Your Business

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Making the Most of Irish Facebook Groups to Increase Your Business

I have always considered that Facebook groups are highly underrated by Irish entrepreneurs across the country. Facebook groups are somehow the Cinderella of Irish business marketing. In fact, they are a hidden gem and one of the most effective Facebook marketing tools. What’s great about Facebook groups is the personal approach; unlike the News Feed (most of the time an automated process). Facebook is about connecting people, and using only the News feed to distribute content about an Irish business is simply not enough. The Facebook algorithm has its way of selecting the content and you can never be sure if your followers will ever see the content.

When it comes to Facebook Groups, things are much more convenient. The order of posts is generally based on the users’ activity – all you have to do is scroll up and you will catch up with everything.

  • Facebook Groups feature a search function based on keywords. For example, if you are only interested in the legislation related to founding a company in Ireland you can type in the search box “Ireland”, “legislation” and you will have access to all the related posts.
  • Posting in a group means that everyone who is part of the group will be able to see your message/post/article.

It doesn’t matter if all you want to talk about is  Android phones or 50’s movies. Others, like you, are interested in Irish businesses and your related industry. Facebook groups bring together like-minded people that want to share content with a targeted, interested audience.

  • People are more likely to open up, share valuable information and exchange ideas within Facebook Groups. It’s like speaking the same language 🙂
  • Anyone can set up a Facebook Group with a certain area of interest. People with the same interests will gather, network and build great businesses together.

Facebook Groups are so different from the News feed! Depending on the notification settings, users can only receive notifications from friends, or the most recent posts. If you need the group regularly, you can tag it as favourite, while the rest of the groups will sit nicely in the Groups list, without pushing unwanted information on your wall. The advantages of using Facebook Groups for any Irish business simply go beyond expectance. Besides the fact that they are not simple closed chat rooms (as many of you may think), Facebook Groups also feature a series of options:

1. Facebook Events

Planning an event of Facebook can attract a number of interested users. Although you can create an event simply using the Facebook Page, creating an event on your Facebook Group means you won’t have to compile a guest list. In addition, people from your Facebook Group are already interested in the domain/subject you want to promote.

2. Facebook Polls

Polls are useful if you want to find some informed opinions regarding aspects of your Irish venture, future plans or specific information about products/services. The Group’s users can vote for their preferred choices or add their own, thus giving you an extra boost of ideas.

3. Facebook Group Memberships

If you want to think out of the box, use Facebook Groups to create for free a paid member-only group. Facebook doesn’t have payment options, but you can pair it with a PayPal button.

Facebook Groups are a great way to communicate with people that have the same interests. Even though you start a group by inviting 30 people from your friends’ list, in time, people will attract other people – in no time, you can build a business network that will not only generate leads and profits, but also ideas and partnerships.