Best practices & tips for getting more Facebook likes

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How to get more Facebook page likes!

Irish businesses depend more and more on their marketing strategies. Monitoring the social media channels is a requirement, considering the fact that the buying decisions are now mainly filtered through the online medium.

However, in order to succeed on Facebook, lots of work is required. For example, a regular post published on a business Facebook page is organically viewed by up to 20% followers. Fortunately, there are pages that manage to interact with more users than the total amount of followers, so it is very possible to produce content that exceeds expectations.

The math is simple. The more followers you have, the hardest is to make them all reach your posts. On the other side, the bigger the community, the bigger needs of interaction. Investing in a Facebook community is a long term commitment, but with satisfactory results J

Are you set to get more likes? Let’s start.

Wants to take Facebook by storm and break Likes records? Start with placing a Like button on your blog/website. The button will help users become followers easier, since they don’t have to look for you all over Facebook. Placing the Like button in a visible spot, on top of an article or on the side menu will engage people in expressing their appreciation for fresh, high quality content.

Don’t be shy, invite people in! Just after you create your Facebook business page, use the “Invite friends” option. People who already know you will accept your invitation and will become the first “likers” of the page. From this point further, it is up to you to increase the number of fans by posting attractive, engaging content.

The number of likes is obviously related to the number of followers/fans you manage to attract and to maintain, so the way I see it, it a matter of learn how to sell yourself in terms of Facebook…presence. Some of the most effective methods to gather followers include, but they are not limited to: adding a link of the business page to your personal page, placing a link to the page on other social media profiles, adding the Facebook link even of the business card, business presentations or by tagging the Facebook page in YouTube videos. Once you get all the people in, it’s show time. Content will become the main attraction of the page. If people are happy, likes will flow.

Excellent tips to maximize the number of likes for your page’s content:

  • Try to establish an editorial plan that contains maximum 20% sales content. One of the main reasons why users stop following a page is the aggressive, impersonal sales content.
  • Content should be carefully targeted, in order to maximize the performance of different content categories. Focus on content targeted according to sex, age, location, education etc.
  • Add high quality, original photos to your content. Statistics indicate that photos receive to up to 53% more likes, 84% more clicks and double comments!
  • The ideal length of a post is 80 characters – anything longer will decrease your number of likes with at least 60%.
  • Try not to exceed 2 posts per day, 4-5 days a week. Posting more frequently doesn’t mean you will have better results, au contrary.
  • Best times to post are: 11 am, 3 pm and 8 pm. Wednesdays seems to be the day of the week when users are the most active. Make it count for a maximum number of likes.

Generally, when it comes to Facebook, but also other social media networks, the secret to drawing the highest number of likes is to create a lot of interesting, catchy content for distribution. Hopefully, it is as good as to become viral. Express yourself with passion, take a stand and don’t be neuter. Users appreciate a personal input and will reward you will likes, comments and their undying engagement.