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car dealership advertising tactics with facebook social media advertising

How to Use Facebook Advertising for Car Dealerships and Brands

In the digital age, advertising on social media has become a crucial component of a business’s marketing strategy. As a ...
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facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel Guide

Before embarking upon any kind of online advertising, it’s crucial to have tracking implemented correctly. All businesses that run Facebook ...
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Facebook ads

Advertise my Business on Facebook

Advertising Your Facebook Page Facebook wants to encourage Facebook Business users to invest money on Facebook advertising. Creating Facebook Ads ...
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AI in marketing

How AI is changing Facebook Marketing

Artificial intelligence is already reshaping all areas of businesses, so there is no doubt that marketing will not be taken ...
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google adwords or Facebook advertising

Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising?

There are so many debates about these two advertising platforms and which to choose. For SMEs it is difficult to ...
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Set Up Wordpress, buy a domain, wordpress plugins, best plug ins, steps to setting up wordpress

How to Buy a Website Domain, Set Up WordPress & Add Plugins

1. Buy a Website Domain & Hosting Buying your domain and hosting from the one provider makes life easier. There are ...
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third party tools for scheduling Facebook posts, buffer, hubspot, social sprout,

Top Tools for Automating and Scheduling Facebook Business Page Posts

Managing a social media marketing strategy is not an easy task, considering the targeted and numerous audiences, but also the ...
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facebook marketing, facebook advertising Ireland businesses

Advertising and Marketing through Facebook in Ireland

Facebook is a social platform that basically suits everyone and anyone. If you are an Irish entrepreneur, you will be ...
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understand facebook algorithms, Facebook news feed, Facebook page reachability

The Perks of Facebook Feed Algorithms

For most people, Facebook is a platform readily available for socializing, for making new friends and for checking what’s new ...
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market your brand on Facebook, social platform marketing,

The Growing Trends for Facebook Businesses in Ireland

Besides the number of flaws Facebook has, there is one thing no one can deny: Facebook has been a heavenly ...
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